Registration Number : No:093/ALP/12/10

Bhoomithrasena club of College Of Engineering Cherthala aims at encouraging students towards the protection of the environment as well as it's resources. Bhoomithra Sena marks their seal on every aspect of environmental-related issues as well as social and cultural scenarios. Instead of just being aiming at the protection of the environment the club paves the way for every student to be a part of social aspects of the society. Protecting the ecosystem of the campus, Programmes for the conservation of natural resources, Waste management, Anti-drug campaign etc are the frequent programmes of the club. Visit in old age and handicapped homes, charity programmes, Seminars, Debates, Competitions marks the social aspects of the club. The 'Paravakalkk Oru Neerkkudam' programme launched by the club was successfully started a new way of helping the birds to survive in summer. Various charity programmes both internally in the college and outside the college are being continuously organised and accomplished successfully.

Faculty in Charge :
Smt.Sarakutty K J
Associate Professor in Applied Science
Mobile: 9495439580


Bhoomitra Sena Club Activity Report 2022-2023
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