First Series Examination

Students are hereby notified that it has been decided to conduct the first series examination for  B Tech EC, CS and EE are scheduled as follows

S6- 6th, 7th and 8th February 2017

S8-7th & 8th February 2017


10.00 AM - 12.00 PM 2.00 PM - 4.00 PM
6/2/2017      MONDAY S6 EC EC 1601 Electronic Measurements And Instrumentation S6 EC EC 1602 Microwave Techniques and Devices
S6 CS CS 1601 Digital Signal Processing S6 CS CS 1602 Compiler Construction
S6 EE EE 1601 Modern Communication Engineering S6 EE EE 1602 Electrical Drawing
7/2/2017      TUESDAY S6 EC EC 1603 VLSI Design S6 EC EC 1604 Communication Engineering III
S6 CS CS 1603 Operating System S6 CS CS 1604 Computer Networks
S6 EE EE 1603 Modern Digital Signal Processing S6 EE EE 1604 Electrical Machines III
S8 EC EC 1801 Multimedia Communication Systems S8 EC EC 1802 Wireless Communication
S8 CS CS 1801 Advanced Architecture and parallel Processing S8 CS CS 1802 Object Oriented Modeling and Design
S8 EE EE 1801 Electronic Instrumentation S8 EE EE 1802 Electrical Machine Design
8/2/2017      WEDNESDAY S6 EC EC 1605 Control Systems Engineering S6 EC EC 1606 E1 Optical Fiber Communication
S6 CS CS 1605 Modern Control Systems S6 CS CS 1606 E3 Security in Computing
S6 EE EE 1605 Control System I S6 EE EE 1606 E4 Non Conventional & Renewable Energy Sources
S8 EC EC 1803 Computer Communication & Networking S8 EC EC 1804 E2/E3 Radar & Navigation / ASIC Design
S8 CS CS 1803 Distributed Computing S8 CS CS 1804 E2/E3 Data Mining/Mobile Computing
S8 EE EE 1803 Power Systems III S8 EE EE 1804 E1/E4 Mechatronics / Power Quality

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