Many engineers and scientists in academics and industries face difficulty in understanding the role of optimization in engineering design. To many of them, it is an esoteric technique used only in mathematics and operations research related activities. With the advent of computers, optimization has become a part of computer-aided design activities

Mathematics plays a key role in the development of modern sciences, engineering, management and many other important areas of activities. With this aim in mind the Department of Mathematics was created from the very inception of the institute. Besides catering to the basic needs of the various B. Tech. / M. Tech. programs of the Institute, it had a strong fervor towards research and development from the very beginning and efforts are being made for the convergence of Mathematics with other disciplines by introducing courses of interdisciplinary nature such as Wavelets, Fractals and Chaos, Finite Element Methods etc. The main aim of this short-term course is to provide a forum in which the participants obtain information about recent advances in optimization techniques. The course offers a common discussion ground for the theoretical and practical aspects of modern optimization techniques.

The objective of the workshop
  • To highlight the advances in optimization techniques and their applications in real life problems of sciences and engineering
  • To introduce the basic optimization techniques to the participants
  • To enhance the abilities of participants to optimize the problem objectives
  • To introduce meta heuristic algorithm