The major role of the engineer is the creation of human well being through the design and implementation of products, processes and technical systems of broad social utility.

Design is the major discipline of the engineer; it distinguishes engineering from science and mathematics, it is a fusion of creativity and technical discipline; it involves imagination, struggle and compromise. New technologies such as computer aided design have placed the design activity back on center-stage within the engineering profession. However there is much more to engineering design than technology, and it reaches far beyond the profession; it is a socially oriented activity. The need to conserve and recycle scare resources and to safeguard our environment offers engineers a unique challenge to contrite to the achievement of sustainable socio-technical systems.

This workshop attempts the participants to appreciate the different elements involved in good designs and to learn how to apply them in practice to make a successful innovative design incorporating different segments of available knowledge in the domain.

Note that this is a non-residential program.